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Jan Wendell with a very good and special Limpopu bushbuck downed in april 2003

Jan Wendell with his wife Eva, together with Steve and Karin Trygg all from Sweden were our first hunters of the season. coming out in early April was a great escape for them from cold;wet Sweden to our lovely warmth and sunshine.

The ladies were real sun worshippers and made the most of the weather, relaxing and reading through the days while the men folk hunted.

Jan who has hunted with us many times before wanted to put all his time into getting a very special bushbuck. After many stalks in many different areas we eventually spotted what we wanted drinking from a small pool of water about 70m from us. As always Jan made a perfect shot and on walking up to it we were very excited. it was bigger than even we had expected and had the most magnificent set of spiraled horns I've ever seen on a bushbuck. Being 17 1/2 inches puts it very high in the record book, and being taken on foot in daylight makes it a trophy never to be forgotten.

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Transvaal Ghost Story - by Steve Trygg


Looking out over the valley below, I felt like Robert Jordan at the very end of "For whom the bell Tolls." But these weren't insurgent cavalry soldiers cresting the opposite ridge. They were kudu bulls, seven of them, filing slowly down the hillside eight hundred metres away. And they were coming the way my guide Nick had half guessed, half predicted thirty minutes earlier.


It was the last morning of a seven-day hunt. And it was the second time with Angus Brown Safaris out of four sub-Saharan hunts. What did that make it? A total of fifty-five stalks so far for kudu, and here I was, finally, finally, maybe getting the chance I had waited for, searched for, worked for these past three years.


Sure, I had other African trophies, many of them medal quality. Impalas, a duiker, blesbucks, a waterbuck, warthogs, a blue wildebeest, hartebeests, gemsboks, a Burchell's zebra, springbucks, even a porcupine and a bunch of jackals. But the kudu had lived up to its well deserved name, the Grey Ghost of Africa, and my Namibian sealskin boots bore proof of numerous fruitless pursuits. Captain Ahab of the bushveld. "It's the first one you want," Nick whispered, "he's a big one. See those completed screws and the ivory tips. Ve-ery nice."


We were sitting in ambush on the dusty, rock-strewn ground, hidden in the shade of a small tree, binoculars to our eyes. Excitement had gripped Nick, too. "Don't move," he ordered between tight lips. "Don't move."


Ever so slowly I had placed my Remington on the shorthend shooting stick and was following the progress of the lead kudu in my crosshairs. I was certain the animal could sense my heartbeats somehow, and that this was what made him tread so cautiously. Death was there waiting, and everything was deadly quiet.


Nick breathed distances to me as the kudus approached. "Three hundred metres. Two fifty. Two hundred." The bull I wanted was waving in and out between rocks and trees and bushes, never offering a clear shot.


"When he's past that green tree, I'll whistle," Nick said quietly. "He'll stop in the open gap and give you a few seconds to shoot. It's a hundred-and-eighty. Are you ready?" I nodded. That’s when I started to over-think. How much do I lead him? What's the side angle of impact? How much should I compensate for my elevated position? Do I immobilize him with a shoulder shot or go for a lung-heart kill? Must avoid hitting the trophy at all cost.


Nick whistled. I shot. The big kudu jerked. The volley echoed between the hills, and the bulls turned around and fled, the first one last now.


"He's hurt! Hit him again. Hit him again!" Both Nick and I were standing up. No need to be quiet.


I fired a second shot, my mind blank, no time to think, no room for hesitation. The kudu bull went down hard. And it stayed down. This time it was Nick's and my cheers that echoed through the brown valley. Success at long last. Wow!


We later measured the distance to 216 meters. A much harder shot on a moving animal. But a much better one than the carefully calculated first one. Call it a practised reflex, if you like. Which only goes to show how easily your mind becomes your enemy when you begin thinking too much.


Which, if you ask me also goes for an Angus Brown Safari. Thinking of one? As the Nike advertising says, just do it.



Viking Invasion


It seems that the weather in Sweden is not too pleasant in April - so the Vikings look out for other countries to invade at that time. This year a group decided on Africa and Olof Hedengren, Conny Cedin, Tomas Tamm, Dennis Heed and Mats Arnhög joined our long time friend Jan Wendell for a short hunting trip in the African sun.


The first three days were spent hunting from the Highveld camp where great fun was had by all and many shots were fired. From there we moved to the Bushveld, where everything changed and with the thick bush the odds were all in the animals favour. After a lot of hard hunting, by the last day the tally was 34 animals of 15 species taken by the five hunters.








South Africa, Transvaal & Eastern Cape

Seven days antelope hunt incl. eight game,

In the above mentioned is included, seven days hunt, transfer Johannesburg - hunting area with car, lodging, food, non-alcoholic drinks, hunting license, field preparation of trophies and one Gemsbok, one Impala, one Warthog or Bush pig, one Steenbuck or Duiker, one Jackal, one Baboon, one Vervet Monkey and one Lynx game, free culling of Pigeon and Dove.

As to other considerations we refer to our Terms and Conditions

Here we can also offer hunt for the Big Five, contact us for more information and prices.


Species included in the price package of Bushveld Area (Transvaal):



Additional species in the Bushveld Area (Transvaal):


Additional Species in the Higveld Area (Transvaal):


You can also hunt: Blue wildebeest, Bleesbuck, Waterbuck, Gemsbok, Red Hartebeest, Burchells Zebra and Ostrich in this area (you can see the pictures in the Bushveld area).


Green Hunt in the Highveld Area (Transvaal)

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