General hunting dates in Sweden

Notice: certain local deviations from this list may occur, most notably in southern and northern Sweden.

Moose, northern Sweden: from the first monday in September to December, inclusive
Moose, southern Sweden:from the second monday in October to December, inclusive

Red Deer:   First monday in October - 31 January
Fallow Deer: All animals: 1 October - 20 October
16 November - 28(29) February
  Carrying antlers: 1 September - 30 September
Roe Deer: All animals: 1 October - 31 January
  Carrying antlers: 16 August - 30 September
Wild Boar:


16 April - 15 February         


Sow with piglets is protected     

1 July - 30 June

Small game  
Hare: 1 September - 15 February
Fox: 1 August - 15 March
Badger: 1 August - 15 February
Canada goose: 1 August - 31 December
Greylag goose: 11 August - 31 October (Southern Sweden)
Duck: 21 August - 30 November
Grouse: 25 August - 15 November
Capercaillie: 25 August - 30 September
Black grouse: 25 August - 30 September
Hazel-grouse: 25 August - 30 September
Male capercaille: 16 November - 31 January
Male black grouse: 16 November - 31 January
Partridge: 16 September - 31 October
Pheasant: 1 October - 31 January
Woodcock: 21 August - 30 November
Wood pigeon: 16 august - 31 December

Sweden's renown as an international hunting country is mainly based on two species - Moose and Bear. As Sweden is our base of operations, JW Hunting can provide you with the best such hunts available on the market. But of course, we can also offer an assortment of other high quality Swedish hunts on Roe Deer, Red and Fallow Deer, Moufflon, Wild Boar, bird and small game shooting.

In order to allow foreign hunters interested in coming to Sweden a price comparison with other countries, we have given the approximate costs for the different hunting forms in Swedish Crowns (SEK). Remember that the exchange rate is usually around 7-8 SEK for 1 USD. Costs vary according to the different hunting areas.

Should you be interested in the hunts presented here, or have inquiries about other hunts, please contact us for further information.

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