Roe buck hunting in Sweden

The Roe Deer is very abundant in some areas of Europe. It was originally a forest dweller but has adapted to live successfully in cultivated fields and the small woods created by man. There are three sub-species of Roe Deer. The European Roe Deer, the Siberian Roe Deer and the Chinese Roe Deer. The Siberian form is larger than the other two, and has antlers which have more branches.


Roe Deer have a high reproductive capacity and can quickly colonise new areas. Because Roe Deer are territorial, there is often pressure for young animals to move into new areas away from already established populations. In Scandinavia Roe Deer have managed to spread into new areas at a rate of 1000 miles in only 100 years.


We can offer stalking for Roe Buck in south and in the middle of Sweden.

Sweden has the World record of Roe Buck trophies. Stalk in a wonderful nature with plenty of Roe Deer.


Roebuck hunt in "Småland" southern Sweden


Season: 16th of August and forward.

Please contact us if you are interested in this hunt.





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