Newsletter no.30

December 2005

The hunting season in Sweden is about to end after the Christmas hare and the champagne at New Years eve, that also brings fireworks (that all of us hunters love to fire off) it is time to aim for next years hunts in Sweden and abroad. We can offer some exciting and interesting hunts, see below and at our homepage.




We are planning a 2 days driven hunt for wild boar in Hungary at the end of January 2006 for 8-12 guns.



Dove shooting

If you are interested in flight shootings this is something for you, you can shoot the barrels hot without ruining yourself. We can offer dove shooting in Argentine, Bolivia, Paraguay, Great Britain and Hungary. We are planning a shooting in Argentine in April/May 2006.




Springbuck stalking

In Hungary and Lithuania we can offer springbuck stalking from May. In Hungary there are several of territories that give a good chance for a medal roebuck.







Brown bear hunting in Alaska and Kamtchatka

The biggest bears are found at Kodiak in Alaska and at Kamtchatka in Russia. At Kamtchatka you can hunt bear between 25th April - 20th May and 25th August - 5th October 2006. In Alaska with Bruce Parker between 6th - 15th May and 17th - 26th May 2006, with Sam Fejes at Kodiak 5th - 14th April, 11th - 20th April and also black and brown bear 1st - 10th May 2006.


In Alaska it is also possible to just hunt black bear during the spring, this is a much cheaper option in comparison to the brown bear hunt.




South Africa

Angus Brown is our partner in northern Transvaal, he distribute about 40 000 hectares for hunting about 15 different antelopes, it is also possible arrange buffalo hunts in connection to the Kruger park. We are planning a hunt there in April/May 2006.




Namibia is the only country in southern Africa that allows hunting for cheetah. Heiko Binding has a ranch at about 18 000 hectares approximately 2 hours drive northeast of Windhoek, where we can offer hunting for antelopes and possibly cheetah in March and also June – October 2006, April and May is fully booked.





Leopard, buffalo, elephant, hippopotamus etc.


In Zambia we can offer 7 days buffalo hunting in September and October


In Mozambique in cooperation with Piet Otto we can offer hunting for leopard, elephant, crocodile, hippopotamus and several species of antelopes.


In Tanzania we can offer hunting for lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo and several species of antelopes.




In February and March 2006 we can offer hunting in China for blue sheep and gazelles.

-Blue sheep



Become a member in a hunting club

At the time we can offer membership for a few in Sköldnora hunting club. Sköldnora is situated approximately 25km north of Stockholm by the lake Norrviken and is at about 1 000 hectares.







Hyllinge hunting club distribute 1 600 hectares and is situated approximately 20km south of Norrköping.


In the beginning of year 2006 we will be able to offer a membership for a hunting club near Nyköping.




 Guns for sale

1 double-barrelled rifle FN model D2 cal. 7x65R



Think about this!

You will never get a second chance to fire the first shot.



Moose hunting in Africa

John of Africa had as a youngster visit South Africa. He always tells about his moose hunts there.


When you asked him if there really where moose to be found in South Africa, he said.


Yes, at that time there was plenty of moose there, but as the time went by I had shot them all.



We wish you a merry Christmas and a Happy New Hunting Year