Newsletter no.29

July 2005

The summer is here and we can finally relax with beer and snaps together with the herring in the arbour or at the balcony and start planning for the next fall of hunting.


“Den Stora Skjutdagen (The Giant Shooting Day)”

As usual we arrange “Den Stora Skjutdagen” together with Widforss Saturday 13th August.


You are most welcome to the shooting range of Trosa to test shoot your rifles, and to exercise shoot both your rifles and your shotguns as well as talk about hunting.


If you have not received any invitation please contact us and we will send you one ASAP.


Hunting Clubs

For many interested of hunting a membership in a hunting club is an excellent option to diversified hunting and to gain new hunting friends.


As a member in a hunting club you do not need to think about anything except to book yourself to the hunts according to the hunting programme, participate in the hunts, and when the hunt is over for the day you simply go home. Of course a member can if he/she wish help with game conservation, cleansing of stands etc. and also help out with downed game.


At the time we administrate 3 hunting clubs.



1.      Sköldnora hunting club, acreage of about 1.000 hectares located about 25km north of Stockholm by the lake Norrviken





2.      Sandemar hunting club, acreage of about 5.500 hectares located about 30km south of Stockholm towards Dalarö.





3.      Hylinge hunting club, acreage of about 1.600 hectares and located about 20km south of Norrköping.



For more information please visit our homepage and/or contact us at the office.





Roebuck stalking

Are you interested of good opportunities to shoot a medal class roebuck? If you are contact us immediately. We can offer roebuck stalking outside Misterhult in Småland at about 4.000 hectares in an excellent roe deer biotope.



Duck shooting 30th August this year

We still have some vacancy, it is accounted to shoot about 300 ducks here, please contact us for more information.



Moose hunting

We can offer the following moose hunts this fall.



1.      Driven hunt for moose in Närke, 29th and 30th October this year, acreage about 5.000 hectares, 20km south of Hallsberg and about 250km west of Stockholm for 1-12 guns.


2.      Moose hunting at Ridön, an island in Lake Mälaren 19th – 20th October, and here will max 6 guns have the opportunity to shoot moose and fallow deer for loose hound and also still hunt for the same game during the evenings.


3.      Loose hound hunt at Royal moose territories (The Crown Parks) in Närke, from the end of October this year 1-6 guns can book a hunt in one of the best moose territories in Sweden.



Dove Shooting in Argentine in September this year

We are trying to put a group together for Argentine, 3-4 has announced their interest. If we will become 6 we will have the lodge all to ourselves, this fall or next spring. Take this opportunity to experience South America where you will shoot as never before.





Africa – Alaska

If you are planning to hunt buffalo or bear next year it is time to book that now, contact us, we have good offers.



Weapons at sale

A pair of sidelock shotguns cal. 12 sbs, manufactured by Stephen Grant 1897, London. Stored in original case.


A double-barrelled rifle FN cal. 7x65R


Now you have the chance to buy some classic hunting rifles at a decent prise for this falls hunting.



Thrilling hunt

The country shopkeeper Mr. Anderssons shooting companions was bragging about their wild hunts in Africa where they had fought with both tigers and buffalos.


-         Hey Mr. Andersson, you have never been to any dangerous and thrilling hunt, have you?


-         Well, as I was going home from a woodcock shooting I noticed a beautiful girl sitting on a rock crying.


When I asked her why she was crying, she told me that she had gotten a myrmicine on her that she could not catch. Then she asked me if I could help her.


-         That was the most thrilling hunt that I ever experienced and that you lads never been close to.



We from JW Hunting wish all of you a nice and sunny summer and Happy Hunting during the fall.