Newsletter no.28

January 2005

Dear Hunter,


Unfortunately we have not been able to make the newsletter for quite some time, but on many clients request we now have the intention to continue with the newsletters.


As you all know the USD is down to its right value, hunting trips that are being paid in USD is now really price worthy in Africa, North- and South America and also in some Eastern European countries.


Dove shooting and Tango in Argentina

Why not make the shotgun barrels glow of heat when shooting doves in Cordoba, Argentina? You have the opportunity to fire at least 1 000 charges per day on fast flying doves, eat an amazing barbecued meat and try Argentines excellent wines, and also experience Buenos Aires and the famous Tango bars.



Viking invasion

Last spring and fall there were 14 participants visiting Angus Brown in South Africa and shot a number of antelopes, among others Sabel, Nyala, Kudu etc. etc. There were several of pleasant days and evenings with plenty killing of South African wine bottles.

Through Angus Brown Safari we can offer hunting for buffalo in Krugerpark were you will have several of opportunities to bring down Buffalos at 40”+


”It seems the weather in Sweden is not too pleasant in April - so the Vikings look out for other countries to invade at that time. This year a group decided on Africa and Olof Hedengren, Conny Cedin, Tomas Tamm, Dennis Heed and Mats Arnhög joined our long time friend Jan Wendell for a short hunting trip in the African sun.

The first three days were spent hunting from the Highveld camp where great fun was had by all and many shots where fired. From there we moved to the Bushveld, where everything changed and with the thick bush the odds were all in the animals favour. After a lot of hard hunting, by the last day the tally was 34 animals of 15 species taken by the five hunters.” –extracted from Angus Browns, Safari Times.


Bear and moose hunting in Alaska

In cooperation with Bruce Parker and Sam Fejes in Alaska we can offer hunting for Brown- and Black bear among others at Kodiak. Sam Fejes have territories were there in an annually basis are moose’s taken down that are placed high up in the trophy books, he has several of moose trophies in the top ten list.

Here you have the opportunity to hunt bear during the spring season.


Steam train in Southern Africa

Experience Southern Africa with a Steam Train Safari and bird shooting. In cooperation with Peter Johnson we can offer one of the worlds most luxuries Steam Train Safari with driven shooting for Guinea fowl, Sand Grouse, Francolins, ducks and geese. It is also possible to arrange bird shootings at the Base Camp from June until September.


Far away and high above

Brown bear in Kamtschakta, Moose and Brown bear in Tchukotka, Ibex (medal trophies) in Krygyztan or Wolf and Lynx in S:t Petersburg, there are many things to chose from in Russia, that is huge.











Hunting clubs near Stockholm, Sweden

Sandemars Hunting Club at Dalarö, had its premier year during the season 2004 – 2005, there has been 25 members that until 31st December has taken down 1240 ducks and 79 cloven-hoofed games, some of those where spectacular trophies from Red- and Fallow Deer. Ours and several members opinion is that when “Jimpa” (leader of the shoot at Sandemar) have “polished some details”, the membership will (if it is not already) become the most wanted in the region of Stockholm.



Sköldnora hunting grounds is situated approximately 25km from Stockholm City and offers duck shooting and cloven-hoofed game hunt (Roe Deer and Moose) for 10-12 members at a relatively low annual fee.









Roe buck hunting in Southern Sweden

In cooperation with Sveaskog we can offer hunt for Roe Bucks in medal class in Blekinge and also at an island in Mälaren. The premier hunt in 2004 was mosquito filled so neither the bucks nor the hunters wanted to go out, despite that, Richard took down a medal buck during the first morning.


Hunting examination 2005

As usual we arrange hunting examination during this spring season for the 16th time in a row, for those people that has lack of time and are frequent travellers.



Janne thanks everyone


During the last year I became a 60 pointer, and I have been congratulated by many friends, where some have not given their names for different reasons, and thereby I have not been able to thank them in a customable way, so this is my way to convey my very best Thanks!


Finally most of you know that we have a new co-worker “Jonas Fermelin-Wiklund”, he will guide you in your future hunting adventures.


We at JW Hunting wish all of you, old as new customers a Happy New Year and a Happy New Hunting Year.


Jan Wendell


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