The third News of the Millennium

Newsletter from JW Hunting, No. 18, May, June, July 2000

This issue: Cocktail party. New dove record in Argentina. Driven Moose hunting. The Great Day of Shooting. Enormous trophies in Russia. The Roe Buck hunts of the year. Hungary - Europe's foremost hunting country. Disturbances in Zimbabwe. One free place on Bear hunting by boat in Alaska.

Meet Bushsports' representative on our Cocktail Party
The annual cocktail party for cusomers and hunting friends will be on 15 June. You will receive a separate invitation through mail or e-mail. This year's theme will be hunting in Alaska and Africa. Bushsports arranges Africa's most exclusive bird shooting. The participants travel by steam train through the southern and eastern parts of the continent. Watch the pictures and listen to Nicholas Tett describing the most distinguished trip through Africa. This exclusive arrangement cannot be fully appreciated with words - it has to be experienced!

New dove record in Argentina!!
No. 1 became no. 2, and no. 2 became no. 1. The second Scandinavian dove shot successfully attaining the "1000 doves in 1 day"-cap is Per Ström. Per also managed to beat Peter Fredell's record of 1050 doves, shooting a total of 1074 doves in a single day. All in all, he shot more than 2600 doves in three days!

Driven Moose hunting - the good, old-fashioned way
Fortunately, the Moose stock has increased much in many parts of the country. Join in and partake of the excess. We can offer many driving hunts of outstanding quality; the Crown areas in Närke/Östergötland and Hasselfors Bruk in Närke, with two digit culling numbers as a rule. Very good organization with large chains of beaters on classic grounds. As an alternative, we can offer traditional Swedish Moose hunting with dogs.

Which incredible offers can you get?
Are you dreaming of the ultimate hunting trip? Dream no more - reserve your hunt through JW Hunting - the hunting broker who does not know any limits. We can arrange anything from beaver to Marco Polo Sheep as well Elephant. If you are out to hunt an animal no-one else has gone for, we will help you in attaining that unique experience. Booking your hunt through JW Hunting makes you rich in memories and experience.

Plan for "The Great Day of Shooting", 13 August
As usual, the great day of shooting occurs on the shooting center of Trosaland. Take this opportunity to try out your rifle for the Roe Buck hunt, practise some clay pigeon shooting in anticipation of the bird shooting, watch the latest news from Widforss, eat and meet good friends, all in good hunting spirit. Tom Alderin will help you in mastering the shotgun, and Michael Kvick will aid you in sighting-in your rifle.

Do you dare to go?
Russia - a country in itself an enormous continent, with a completely wild gamestock. Immensely large, virgin areas greet the visiting huntsman. We have a video tape on the office about the hunts we offer in Russia, available for our customers to borrow. Wonderful hunting scenes and dignified trophies. No one really knows how large the trophies might be here, but it is quite certain that the occasional world record trophy walks around there only waiting to be culled by the ambitious huntsman. Will you be the one?

Roe buck hunting We can offer several different alternatives for buck hunting this year. Do you want to hunt on your own, or would you like to have a guide to lead you to the capital medal buck? We have very good areas, of which one hosts a huge amount of boars, which is also fair game. We have a good, widely coveted arrangement on an estate in southern Sweden, where you can get a shot at large bucks as well as Fallow Deer and Wild Boar. Please contact us for more information about our excellent buck hunts at reasonable prices.

In Abádszalók, in Hungary, 1 million pheasants are bred a year! To say that this area swarms with game is almost an understatement. We can offer a number of hunts in this quality area. How about a marvelous shooting for driven pheasants, ducks and hares? Day 1 starts with shooting for driven hare, and ends duck shooting in the evening. Day 2 is a outstanding pheasant shooting. Or how about roughshooting for an assortment of small game? A pleasant way of hunting, where you shoot everything within gun range.

Do you long for an enormous Fallow Deer trophy, shot by you own hand, to exhibit on your wall? In the quality area Gyulaj in Hungary, you have the opportunity to get it. The best Fallow Deer trophies in the world are culled here. We have booked 15-17 October for a maximum of 6 participants.

Disturbances in Zimbabwe We recommend you to wait with your Safari in Zimbabwe because of the current situation in the country. An excellent substitute is Zambia, a country which has been worn out for many years, but now is recovering and today can offer very good hunts. Another first class option is the really wild Africa: Tanzania, which still is like Africa 50-100 years ago. You have to go now if you want to experience an Africa as wonderful as it was when Hemingway decribed it!

Still one place on the Brown and Black Bear hunt in Alaska this autumn Take this opportunity to go to Alaska on an unforgettable Bear hunt from boat. We have one place left for 15-24 September this year. Experience the wilderness of Alaska the comfortable way. Relieve yourself of a wet tent camp, and hunt the luxurious way.

The Syndicate hunts Reserve your place on some different hunts. If you have not received our Syndicate 2000, please contact us and we will send it to you. The bookings are fully underway!

We on JW Hunting wish you all a pleasant summer!

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