The second News of the Millennium

Newsletter from JW Hunting, No. 17, Mar/Apr 2000

This issue: Cocktail party. France, a dignified hunting country. Polar Bear hunt in northern Canada. Dove shooting in Argen- tina. Hunting Syndicate. Hunting on the black continent.

Do you like excitement?
Then you should go to Argentina - the El Dorado for dove shooters. Your pulse will beat thrice as fast as you meet the onslaught of millions of doves. Certainly, Argentina is also gifted with "birds" of an entirely different kind, but these doves will arouse you just as much. We still have a few vacancies to fill on this hunt, so contact us if you are interested.

Time for your Huntsman's Examination?
If you still haven't passed your Huntsman's Examination, you should apply now to our course running this spring with theoretical studies, shooting exercises and the final tests. Make your dreams come true - become a hunter, you too! Did you know that most heads of state, kings and presidents are hunters? Become a part of an exclusive group - apply now!

France - not just wine and noisy songs
We have recently got hold of a number of interesting hunts on some of the best estates in France. Here, you can go shooting driven birds in a castle setting which makes you go back to the times of l'ancien régime. Try it out - it's worth a shot!

Huntsman: experience new hunting grounds and meet new friends with our Syndicate hunting
Do check out our new Hunting Syndicate. Here, you will find some interesting news as well as some of the best hunting estates in Sweden. From this list you can choose which hunts you want to participate in. A very enjoyable way of "testing" different estates before deciding which is your favorite. On these hunts, you and some friends can meet and hunt while also having the opportunity to make new business acquaintancies.

Black magic - in moderate portions
Everyone dreams of Africa. Hemingway did, too; but he realized his dreams and went there. This continent is legendary, and hosts a fascinating culture. However, it is probably Africa's abundance of game which makes all Hunters with a capital "H" to go hunting there. The awe-inspiring Cape Buffalo makes you tremble with anguish and desire. Satiate your desire now - reserve your hunt. Presently, we have good offers on Cape Buffalo and Lion. Contact us - we'll arrange everything!

JW Hunting has produced a special Safari Guide with points of impact for a number of African game. If you are interested in it, please contact us.

Cocktail Party at Janne's
The yearly cocktail party for customers and hunting friends will occur sometime in May, and you'll get the exact date when you receive a separate invitation through e-mail or standard mail. The theme for this year is hunting in Alaska and Africa.

Nature's most potent venom (as a weapon on Red Deer?)
The venom comes from the notorious Arrow-Poison Frog. The South American natives impale it and roast it until it starts to sweat. The sweat is the venom, and the natives dip their arrow-heads in it. This makes the arrows lethal for anyone hit. Luckily, you do not have to hunt this way. Instead, you can use you usual firearm on any hunt in a pleasant setting which we can offer. You can hunt Red Deer, Fallow Deer, Moose and Roe Deer on the estate of Sundsholm in the county of Kalmar, with first-class accommodation and excellent food on Gässhult Säteri. We can offer 2 hunts here this year, the only hunting occasions on these grounds during this year!!

With dog sledge through tundra, ice and snow
Now you have the opportunity of booking a marvellous hunt on Polar Bear, using dog sledge and accompanied by Inuits in northwestern Canada. Take the chance to hunt in this complete stillness in a barren landscape filled with snow, ice and freezing cold. Hopefully, you will experience the chilling encounter with a member of the largest living Bear species on Earth - as white as the snow it treads on - the Polar Bear!

Noted: Record result on hunt in Telki
During our latest hunt in Telki in January, shipowner Elling Ellingsen shot 22 wild boars, of which 10 were shot at the same stand. Would you also like to visit Hungary, Europe's foremost hunting country? Contact us and we'll immediately send information about our hunts there this autumn. Presently, we have a good supply of driven wild boar hunts and driven pheasant shootings, not to mention the fantastic stalk for record trophies.

Would you like to hunt in the incredible nature of the Rocky Mountains?
Roger Bäck from Dalsland, Sweden, did so and spent the turn of the Millennium in the Rocky Mountains, and what a hunt! On the first day, Roger shot an enormous Bobcat using dogs. On day three he shot a beautiful, reddish and very large Mountain Lion, still using the dogs. The remainder of his time was spent on prairie wolf hunt, resulting in a miss. "Next time I will go Bear hunting with the dogs", Roger says convincedly. Our outfitter in the Rocky Mountains has an almost 100% "success rate", so this is a hunting trip which gives solid results!

Think of the safety regulations when hunting
We must never forget the safety regulations when hunting. During transport, your firearm must always be empty (this also applies to the magazine ). Furthermore, firearms should always be stored in a hard or soft case. This is also valid at gatherings, when the firearms will be stored at a place assigned by the hunting management. Always take a moment to look through the local safety regulations when hunting. In most cases, the human factor is the cause of a hunting accident.

We on JW Hunting wish you an exciting hunting spring!

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