Third News year 2001

Newsletter from JW Hunting, Nr. 23, July, August, September 2001



Successful hunter in the Rocky Mountains

Roger Bäck has been with JW Hunting in the Rocky Mountains two times hunting With dogs. The first trip resulted in one mighty mountain lion and a big bobcat (lynx). The next trip was a bear hunt together with his cousin where they downed 2 big black bears for barking dogs.

New dates for the Telki hunts

Last seasons record hunts in Telki is making the booking-pressure rise. We have the following dates booked, 16-17/11 -01, 7-8/12 -01 and 18-19/1 -02. From now we have also negotiated an upper limit for trophy fees upto 22 cms. If You shoot two or more big pigs, You only pay one full trophy fee, others will stay at the price for 22 cms tusks.

New agents in Norway and Switzerland

We are reinforcing our sales organization with two new branches, one in Norway runned by Per Naevdal and one in Switzerland operated by Dag Sandborg. If You have any questions regarding our hunting arrangements You are also welcome to call Per on telephone no +47 66 80 97 02 or Dag on telephone no +41 22 362 50 82.

New e-mail and homepage address

E-mail: and homepage:

Moose hunt in northern Bergslagen

We can offer driven hunt for moose on Royal grounds in northern Bergslagen. These crown parks are since long well known for very fine moose population. Take Your chance now, since only two dates are available, 31/10 and 1/11 2001.

Driven hunt in Romania for bear, red deer, wild boar

A new hunting country which earlier only was related to the executed president.Experience thrilling driven hunts, where You have the possibility to even shoot bears whilst walking with the drive-chain!


Buck hunt in Skåne with gold bucks

In colaboration with our operator in Skåne we can erbjuda offer some of Skåne’s best roe buck hunts. Every year a number of medal trophys are found here which are now being offered to JW Huntings customers.

Time to book fallow-deer and roe-deer pürsch in Hungary

It is time to book if You have a vision of hanging a capital deer trophy from Hungary on the wall. Down here You can choose which size (weight) of the trophy You wish to shoot.

The Quiz competition was won by Staffan Tell and Stefan Nydahl

Two participants scored the, almost, incredible 15 correct answers of 20 possible. The price, going to these two gentlemen is to participate at one of JW Huntings hunting arrangements, during the fall, for free.

Syndicate Hunts 2001

Time to book Syndicate hunts

Have You seen our palette of hunts being offered? Hurry up, otherwise, to order a prospect from us.


Steam train safari with spectacular bird hunt in Africa

We can, in colaboration with Bushsports, offer the following dates; 2-8 june and 20-29 june 2002 on the totally fantastic Rovos Rail steam train. Here nothing is forgotten! Luxurious, till the end. Opportunity for the extreme connoisseur of service and hunting.

Hunting auction

See our homepage on the internet for new exciting objects to bid for.

Dove shooting in Argentina

Vacant dates for this incredibly good dove hunt are week 9, 13 and 16. Hurry to book Yourself for a shooting which beats most others in the world.

The Big Shooting Day on the 11th of august

Do not forget this date, when Trosa shooting ranges are seized by Widforss and JW Hunting.


New office clerk wanted

We are looking for a new hunting interested office clerk to replace Sandra Johanson who is ending her employment in august 2001.


Antelope hunt in Namibia

Steve Trygg travelled with wife to Africa and had a totally magnificent experience in Namibia. He shot several trophys of highest class. Most were medaltrophies. We have reserved 21/3-30/3 year 2002 for antelope hunt at Kataneno Game Ranch in Namibia. Here is Your chance to book for a sweet prelude to hunting in Africa.