First News of year 2001

Newsletter from JW Hunting, Nr. 21, January, February, March 2001


This issue: Namibia - a great success, Solar eclipse - by doves, Lithuania - new travelspot, World record in Telki?, Time to join a hunting club?, Hunting examination, Bear hunting, Africa, The convent in Las Vegas, New Syndicate hunts to follow, Hungarian spring buck, Spring - the time for shooting

Namibia - a great success!

Our eminent hunting district, Kataneno, totals 18.000 . The camp is run by the young Heiko and his wife Carine. If You like easy going people and supreme hunting with medal trophys for a cheap price - this is the hunt for You! Consider that Namibia is one of the few countries where you still can get a permit (Cites) and bring home the trophy of the worlds fastest cat, gepard, which can reach speeds exceeding 100 km/h!! Namibia has very many gepards, but the hunt is hard for this extremely shy cat. Contact us now for a pine fresh voucher and prices. A good start of hunting in Africa!

Solar eclipse - of doves!!

We only have a few places left of the dove shootings in Argentina. When the sky is darkened and You think that the sun is obscured by clouds - they come - the doves. The experience is shaking for anyone who has not experienced this before. The shooting itself leaves nothing for wishes - You will get what You wanted! If You want to get in You will have the chance week 14, 15 and 17.

Lithuania - new travel spot!

You will get here in just one hours flight. A cheap country to shop in and it has many cultural treasures. The capitol Villnius is one of the most beautiful in the world, according to connoisseurs. The landscape offers good wild boar, roe deer and red deer hunts.

We are also examining the possibilities for bird shooting here. Bird shootings do well even if the "bags" are not so big. This spring we will make a reconaissance trip to give the arrangements the finishing touch.

Safari Club’s convent in Las Vegas

More than 2000 exhibitors were stationed in Las Vegas when Safari Club opened up the gates to the hunting convent of the year on the 10th of January. Just back home from the convent we are able to say that there is huge interest over there to come to Europe and taste the pallette of hunts offered here.

Record boar in Telki, maybe a new world record?

One of our hunters shot a male boar with tusk average length of 32,5 cm!! This may be a new world record for European boar. One hunter shot, during the one and same driven hunt in Telki, 7 medal boars whichof 3 were gold, 2 silver and 2 bronze. One hunter downed 4 medal boars whichof 3 were gold where one of the tusks were longer than 25 cm! Another hunter shot 21 boars during the same driven hunt. In one of the 2-day hunts 88 game were shot. At the latest hunt 79 game were shot.

There are not many boar hunts in the world that even compare with the Telki hunts. Preliminary booking times during the fall -01; 15-18/11, 29/11-2/12 and -02; 10/1-13/1.

Dreams of the African continent

Many are called - few are chosen. If You are chosen You must book quickly if You are looking for buffalo and cats. There may be some places left for year 2001 but to get to the better districts You must book now for year 2002.

Hunting examination

Do You or anyone else in Your social surroundings need a hunting examination?

Contact us as soon as possible to participate in the spring course.

Time to join a hunting club?

We can offer memberships in Sköldnora Jaktklubb, only 25 km from Stockholm city. Here fine mallard hunts and cloven-hoofed hunts are offered during some 20 occassions per year. Eventually there will be an offer this spring about a new hunting club in the heart of Sörmland.

Soon new syndicate hunts and offers for hungarian spring buck hunt

New syndicate hunts with more exciting offers for hunts in Sweden and abroad. Do You want to shot the roe buck of Your life? Take your chance this spring and go to Hungary where You will get a chance for a gold trophy.

Spring - the time for practice shooting

Gather some friends and book a shooting arrangement.

Contact us for detils.

Now is the time to book bear hunts!

You who want to hunt brown-, black- or polarbear should book as soon as possible beacuse the 2001 season is almost fully booked and 2002 is also getting filled up now.

There are a few places left.


If You have any questions or thoughts don’t hesitate to contact us!

Don’t shoot to the morning - what You can shoot today!!

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