The first News of the Millennium

Newsletter from JW Hunting, No. 17, Jan/Feb 2000

This issue: Huge trophies. Hunting syndicate.Huntsman's examination. Dove shooting in Argentina. Spring hunting on Alaskan Brown Bear. African Safaris. Polar bear hunt in Northern Canada.

Huge trophies!!
1999 has certainly been an outstanding year, considering the harvest of trophies our customers have managed to lay down:

Marco Polo Sheep
What do you think of Jan Severa's Marco Polo from Kirgizistan, on 57"? The largest one ever laid down in the area. A marvelous trophy!

Siberian Roe Deer
Peter Fredell and Olof Hedengren shot divinely beautiful and large Siberian Roe Bucks in Kurgan, Russia. They are ranked among the 10 largest in the SCI book of records. The beams on one of them measured 33 cm!

Hungarian Wild Boars
One of last years's finest moments was Dag Palmér's almost incredible succession of game. During a single hunt in Telki he shot 3 male boars, all ranked as gold. One of them is the 4th largest ever shot in Pilis/Telki!!!

Time for the Huntsman's Examination?
Spring is closing in, and perhaps your trigger finger is growing anxious? If you haven't yet passed your Huntsman's Examination it is now time for you to apply. We start our courses during spring with theoretical studies, shooting exercises and finish with the tests.

Millions and millions of Doves!
Take your time to revel in the El Dorado of all Dove shooters - Argentina. Have you been waiting at stands in freezing cold, looking in vain for the birds? Then you should try out this hunt! You won't have the time to concentrate on anything else (your work?) than the shooting. You'll shoot until your gun barrels are red-hot each and every day! A hot tip - bring along hearing protectors and shooting gloves as well as a padded shooting vest.

Brown Bear hunting in Alaska
The Alaskan Brown Bears will have to expect hard times this spring. We are sending wave after wave of hunters to this enormous state to make life insecure for the really huge bears. The most comfortable way of hunting these bears is from a boat, and we're not talking about some wooden raft. No, these are real yachts. A hunt without precedence in this world!

The JW Hunting Syndicate
Soon, our new hunting syndicate for the year 2000 will be available. There you will find some interesting news. Of course you will also find several of the best hunting estates in Sweden on this list, from which you can choose which hunts you want to participate in. Or perhaps if you want to try cloven-hoofed game hunting or bird shooting. All in all an enjoyable way of "testing" different estates before deciding which is your favorite. On these hunts, you and some friends can meet and hunt while also having the opportunity to meet new business contacts.

African Safari Guide
Never before have we perceived such a great interest for hunting on the black continent as presently. Neither have we had as many offers concerning African Safaris as we have now.

This year's hunt in Africa will probably be fully booked rather quickly, so please contact us in due time to ensure your "place in the sun".

Many fear that African hunting opportunities will be drastically reduced within a conceivable future. This is the cause of the present high pressure on reservations. In the future, prices will presumably increase drastically, so don't postpone your African plans.

JW Hunting has produced a special Safari Guide with points of impact for a number of African game. Some of our customers have already received it, and it has been highly appreciated.

JW Hunting is the exclusive agent of Vhembe Game Reserve in South Africa
Now you have the opportunity to hunt on one of South Africa´s finest and most beautiful hunting areas. On this exclusive reservation, covering 30,000 hectares, you can hunt 16 different African game species. The reservation is located in northwest Transvaal and has a completely open border to Botswana and the Limpopo river.

Take the opportunity to book your company's conference on Vhembe and mix business and pleasure. Vhembe is the perfect place for such arrangements.

Did you see Jan Guillou's Polar Bear hunt on TV?
JW Hunting developed that hunt. How about trying to hunt in one of the most desolate and barren corners of the world and get a shot at the world's largest bear? If you are looking for other challenges, we can presently offer many interesting hunts in Russia at good prices. Call today - tomorrow may be too late!!

From all of us on JW Hunting to all of you: a Happy New Year filled with lots of exciting hunts!

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