Second News year 2001

Newsletter from JW Hunting, Nr. 22, April, May, June 2001


This issue;

*Spring Roe Buck in Hungary, Sweden, Lithuania *Cocktail 14/6 *Hunts in Hungary; Wild boar, Deer, Pheasant *Great Shooting Day *Syndicate hunts & hunting in Sweden *Pheasant and Partridge in France and Denmark *Cougar & Bear hunt in Idaho*Auction on the Web *Grouse and forest bird hunting *Bear hunt in Russia, 3 places left *New shooting range at Björkviks Säteri


Spring Roe Buck in Hungary, Sweden, Lithuania

Take the chance to get the trophy of your lifetime! If you have been searching for a spring hunt go to Hungary, Lithuania or why not at home. We have several interesting alternatives.

Cocktail 14/6

The Cocktail of the year will take place the 14th of July at the usual Knut Wallenbergs väg 52. This year we have Nicholas Tett from Bushsport (Rovos Rails steem train safari in Africa), this is known as one of the worlds most famous bird shooting. A separate invitation will bee send out in a short time. As usual an exclusive hunting price will be given away to the person who gets most right answers on our hunt and animal quiz.

Good news for pig hunters; upper limit on boars in Telki, 22 cm

JW Hunting has got an exclusive agreement with the quality hunting area Pilis/Telki. If you shoot several record boars over 22 cm you only have to pay full price for one of these, for the others you only pay for 22 cm. This is a eagerly awaited step for all pig enthusiasts. We can also offer a combination of small game such as ducks, hares and pheasants during 2 days. Stalking for Fallow Deer in quality area Gyulaj and Red Deer in the quality areas Gemenc och Lábod.

The great Shooting Day in August

Experience the thrill of shooting before the hunting season. Preliminary date is the 11 of August 2001. Book this date for a nice gathering and needed shooting exercise.

Syndicate hunts

Pick and choose among various hunts. Pick the hunt that fits you or a hunt you have dreamt of all your life. Small game as well as big game. Contact us to take part of the palette of hunts we offer.

Hunts in France and Denmark

Ducks, Pheasants and Partridges on better estates in France and Denmark. You can combine this with a weekend in Paris or Copenhagen. Lodging in castles and manor-houses.

Pigeon- and Goose shooting

We can offer incredible pigeon- and goose shooting in Paraguay and Bolivia. Contact us for information.

Cougar & Bear in Idaho

Experience the fascinating hunt with dogs on big beast of prey in North America. The sceneries you will never forget and the hunt is hard and very thrilling.

Bid on our hunt auction on the Web

Visit our homepage, seek for; and give your bid on our new hunting object, now!

Mouth- and foot disease in England

Now there is a total import prohibition on hunting trophys from England beacause of the mouth- and cloof disease. Regard this if You are planning a hunt for cloven-hoofed animals there.

Björkviks Säteri opens a new shooting range

Here You can try a varieties of shotgun shooting. An experience well worth trying. We all need practice for the forthcoming hunting season and this is Your chance to do it in a hunting realistic environment and manner.

Partridge- and forrest bird hunt

Do You want to experience the mountain world when it is as most beautiful, when it is ablaze by the colours of autumn? Then the partridge hunt is Your clear choice. We have fine offers on partidge- and forrest bird hunts.

3 places left on the russian bear hunt with swedish guide

Extremely interesting bear hunt 200 km behind the russian border. Shoot big brown bears at close range. You also have the possibility during this hunt to shoot wolf, wolverine, lynx, wild boars as well as capercaillie and blackcock. In this wild-life research area at over 30.000 hectares it is estimated to be over 500 bears here. Book in time before the may-hunt, also concerning year 2002.

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