Recommendations concerning Malaria

Lariam should be used in the following countries:

* South America - the inner parts of the Amazonas, the Pacific coast of Colombia and
   in the landscape of French Guyana, Guyana and Suriname.

* Tropical Africa.

* Indonesia - Irian, Jaya and the islands north and east of Bali.

* Thailand - the eastern parts (if You will be primitively accomodated) down-south
    but in Phuket protection is not necessary.

* Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos - if You will travel in the landscape.

* Bangladesh - in the areas around Chittagong.

* Burma - by the border facing Thailand or India.                                            

* Papua New Guinea, the Salomon Islands and Vanuatu.

Chloroquinephosphate should be used in the following countries:

* Central America - if You are staying longer than one week.

* The Caribean - in the landscape of Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

* Mauretania, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and in the north-eastern landscape of
   South Africa
including the Krüger park.

* The Middle East - in some landscape areas in Oman, the United Arab Emirate,
    western Saudi-Arabia, Yemen and Iran.

* Pakistan, India, Bangladesh - when staying overnight in the landscape.

* Nepal - if You are travelling for more than one week outside of Katmandu and below 1300 meters altitude.

* Sri Lanka - if You are staying overnight outside of Colombo.

* The Philipines - in the landscape.

* Indonesia - in the landscape of Java and Sumatra and on the indonesian part of Borneo.

* Malaysia - outside the most common tourist areas and if You are staying overnight
    more than one week in the inner parts of Sarawak and Sabah.

* Burma - outside the tourist areas.

The following items are the best ways of protection against Malaria:

* Malaria pills    * Mosquito stick    * Mosquito spray    * All-covering clothes    * Impregnated mosquito net