Between hunters - you and me!

Since 1997 I run a company named JW Hunting AB. And I am also the sole owner. My business idea is to broke hunting arrangements throughout the world, tailored to each hunter's specific requirements and experience.

My own interest for hunting and wildlife began in my very early years. It may be quite natural, knowing that I was born in the very north of Sweden. It started with mountain hare and birds like ptarmigan, willow grouse, capercaillie and black grouse, and my interest in different game is still steadily increasing despite having had the privilege of hunting some of the Big Five, visiting and hunting in North and South America, Africa and an assortment of European hunting grounds including Russia. During all these "hunting" years I have learnt and experienced a lot which I want to pass on to hunters whose interest is as ardent as mine.

Quality can never be too important to me! Therefore I have visited and hunted on most of the places I recommend. I know the hunting grounds. I know the people. I have chosen what I think lives up to the criteria of the word Quality. Being a devoted hunter myself, I want to offer every hunter a chance to experience the great enjoyment that only participating in a good hunt can give.

On the following pages I present those of our hunting offers which are most popular. I sincerely hope you will find them interesting. And finally, never hesitate to contact me if you need more information about these hunts. If you do not find what you are looking for within these pages, we can help you with special arrangements or unusual game. Remember, hunting experiences are to be exchanged!

Best regards,
Jan Wendell

PS. Why don't more American hunters who are fond of wildfowling go to Hungary and Sweden? In these countries, as opposed to the United States, the number of game allowed is practically unlimited! DS.

We sniff up the best hunting grounds for You!


Main Office, Stockholm, Sweden

Jan Wendell
Mobile: +46-708-17 11 33

Jonas Fermelin-Wiklund

Mobile: +46-739-03 34 47


Malmövägen 8-10, 121 49 Johanneshov (Stockholm), Sweden
Telephone +46-08-659 00 16, Fax +46-08-39 29 12
Organisation no 556228-0148 V.A.T: SE 5562280-14801

European Agents

France: Jean De Novion

 France: Jean de Novion, Bateau PIMA, Port Debilly, 75116 Paris, E-mail:
 Tel: +33-14-720 29 77, Fax: +33-14-720 62 72, Mob: +33-60-847 15 60

Norway: Per Naevdal

 Norway: Per Naevdal, Rådyrveien 24, 1413 Tårnåsen, E-mail:
 Tel: +47-66-80 97 02, Fax: +47-66-80 30 71, Mob: +47-920 292 76

Switzerland: Dag Sandborg

  Switzerland: Dag Sandborg, 13 Ch. des Vergers, 1197 Prangins, E-mail:
  Tel: +41-22-362 50 82, Fax: +41-22-362 50 89, Mob: +41-79-203 13 22

Our booth at the SCI convention 2002

SCI Auction donation diplomas 2001-02

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