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Namibia can justly be called one of the last remaining unspoiled places on earth. With one of the lowest population densities in the world, much of the country is uninhabited and has remained in a pristine state for countless centuries. Namibia has much to offer the tourist, not the least which is an average of 300 days of sunshine per year, abundant wildlife, exotic flora and many places of historical and archaeological interest. Because of an abundant wildlife, those keen on hunting are well catered for, because with hunting this natural resource is carefully utilized and hunting forms part of Kataneno’s carefully designed game management program to maintain a long-term, well-balanced ecology on this ranch.







Good record class trophies are thus not rare and even over the long-term this will not differ as we never over utilize this resource.


Kataneno is situated in central Namibia, 120km northeast of Windhoek International Airport, which is connected by flights with Air Namibia, South African Airways, Lufthansa and various other International airlines.


On Kataneno’s diversified savannah grasslands and bush land, we offer a large variety of Namibian antelope: kudu, oryx, hartebeest (record-class in abundance), springbuck, warthog, steenbok as well as numerous birds such as guinea fowl and species of waterfowl, francolins, quails and doves.


Set in an open savannah surrounded by the huge century-old indigenous trees of the area, the lodgings offer a wide variety of facilities which will add to the pleasure of your visit.





At Kataneno discerning guest can enjoy a tradition of graciousness. Heiko’s hospitality and attentive service will ensure that your stay is a most pleasant experience. The beautifully furnished rooms comply with all regulations and standards by far, set by the governing authorities.

The Kitchen is far-famed for its excellent food and dislikes are considered. Guests concerned about any medical or health problems are well catered for.


Excitement and adventure calls when Heiko and his experience, indigenous guides accompany you on the hunt. The time is unhurried and emphasis is placed on your hunting type preference.

companying persons can join the adventure or spend the day at leisure back at the lodge, unwinding at the swimming pool.


General Information.

The hunting season is from 1st of February to 30th of November. The prime months for hunting are May to September. It is advisable to bring your own rifles and ammunition. Recommended rifle set for 200 yards; 7mm Magnum, 300 Magnum, similar or bigger.






Weather, clothing and health:

Temperatures vary a great deal in Namibia. March and April can still be rainy, May, June and July are usually cool and temperatures can drop below freezing point at night, August and September are warmer but windy, October and November can be very hot. Thus light summer and warmer clothing is essential


Sunglasses, sun-protection lotion, lip-care and hats should not be forgotten. Malaria precautions are recommended. Visa, health and immigration requirements must be settled with your local travel agent. 


Heiko Binding is a member of Namibia Professional Hunters Association (NAPHA).

Kataneno is approved by the ministry of wildlife, Conservation and Tourism.


If you want to know more about this hunt don't hesitate to contact us.


Price Package of Kataneno.

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