Black Bear and Mountain Lion hunting in Idaho

Mountain Lion hunt with dogs in The Rocky Mountains
Our large hunting area is located in the very heart of the beautiful American state of Idaho. In past times, the Nez Perce Indians ruled over these domains, but nowadays they are but a memory. The great Mountain Lions have succeeded the Indians as masters of the deer population of the area.

The hunting is conducted in the mighty valleys of the Rocky Mountains and is not only excruciatingly exciting, but also a nature experience out of the ordinary. The Mountain Lion is hunted with dogs, which bring the Mountain Lion at bay in a tree until the hunter arrives. 

The Mountain Lion is somewhat larger than a leopard, and can attain a weight of over 80 kgs.

Black Bear hunting with dogs in the Rocky Mountains
In the mighty Rocky Mountains Black Bear hunting with dogs is still allowed. Shooting a bear held at bay by the dogs is a real challenge, exciting almost to the point of what is wholesome. The Black Bears in this part of America come in a variety of colours, orange and cinnamon brown to the usual black colour. 70% of the bears here are of another colour than black, and in average they are larger than the Black Bears culled in Canada.

You will get several hunting opportunities during this hunt, giving you the possibility to choose the colour and size of your Black Bear.

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