Hunting in Botswana

Botswana, a landlocked country approximately the size of Texas at 569 800 sq km, is one of the greatest hunting destinations in Africa. Offering great geographical diversity, ranging from the Kalahari desert through the Okavango Delta to the Savannah woodlands of the Chobe enclave, much of the land is uninhabited. This, together with sound management practices and co-operation between concession holders and the Botswana Wildlife Department, is set to ensure the longevity of wildlife and consequentially trophy hunting.

The safari season begins in April and runs through to mid-September (5 months). Game concentrations vary according to the supply of surface water during the rainy season (November to March) and then filtering back as the surface water dries up and the floodwaters of the Okavango and Chobe rivers reach the Okavango Delta.

The Kalahari
Currently, due to a Government monitorium, hunting in this area has been restricted to privately owned game ranches. These ranches, consisting of large tracts of land, offer very good Plainsgame hunting, as well as the possiblity of problem Leopard. Among other species available in this area are Kudu, Gemsbok, Red Hartebeest, Blue Wildebeest and Eland, to name but a few.

The Okavango Delta
This unique region of Botswana, consisting of 18 130 sq km (7000 sq miles) of palm islands, flooded plains and narrow waterways, is fed by the floodwaters of the Okavango and Chobe Rivers, which rise in the highlands of Angola. This ecosystem supports a vast variety of bird life in addition to Big Game, which include herds of Buffalo, Elephant, Red Lechwe, Tsessebe, Wildebeest and Zebra. This area is also famous for high quality Lion and Leopard, as well as for the quality of the Elephant.

The Zambezi Sitatunga, a rare and much sought after trophy animal, inhabits this Delta region and is available to the discerning hunter.

Chobe Hunting Area
Bordered in the north by the Chobe National Park and in the southeast by the Hwange National Park, this area forms part of the migratory route for large numbers of Elephant. At certain times of the year large concentrations of Bulls are to be found, giving the discerning hunter the opportunity to select and the real possibility of taking an exceptional trophy. The area also supports good populations of Lion, Leopard and Buffalo as well as a variety of Plainsgame animals, notably Gemsbuck and Livingstone Eland.

This unique area of 1225 sq km is situated between the southern reaches of the Okavango Delta and Maun. Herds of Buffalo, Elephant, abundant Plainsgame and good population of Cats ensutre this is a prime safari destination.

Bordered in the northwest by Moremi ame Reserve, this 870 sq km area consists of Mopane forest and Savannah woodland and has a similar habitat to that of the Chobe. Because this camp is only an hourīs drive from Maun, there is no need for a charter flight to be arranged.

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