The Hunting Auction is an excellent way to get hold of interesting hunts at a low price. Here we offer different hunts for sale to the highest bidder. The types of hunts we offer here can be of any kind - the single remaining free place on an otherwise fully booked hunt, or a complete hunt for a varying number of participants which we have just received ourselves.

The starting bid for a hunt in the Hunting Auction is below the value of the hunt in question, meaning you as a bidder can get your hunt at a ridiculously low price!

How to bid? First, check out the available offers by clicking below. When you have decided on which hunt you want to bid on and how much you want to bid, click on the "bid" link to send us an e-mail with the relevant information. Remember to write which hunt you bid on, how much you bid and also your name, address, e-mail and phone number. If your bid is the highest, we will contact you immediately after the last date of bidding for the hunt in question.

Auction offers

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