With fabulous natural sceneries and a wide assortment of game in abundance, the fabled Africa can make your wildest hunting dreams come true. This is the home of the legendary Big Five - the majestic Elephant, the tremendous Cape Buffalo, the powerful Rhinoceros, the mighty Lion and the ferocious Leopard. But hunting experiences in Africa are not exclusively about these. There are also innummerable different breeds of Antelopes and Gazelles, trophies of which are as impressive as those of any other game. The Sable, Roan and Greater Kudu are just some examples.

If you are heading for the big trophies you ought to go to the following countries. Tanzania or Zimbabwe for Buffalo, Botswana or Tanzania for Elephant, Namibia for Oryx, the Northern part of South Africa for Greater Kudu, just to mention some.

We can offer African Safaris in several different countries. We focus on safaris in southern and eastern Africa, as these parts of the continent can offer most of the attractive game.

Hunting in South Africa
Hunting in Tanzania
Hunting in Botswana
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Hunting in Namibia
Hunting in Central Africa

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