New regulations for weapon transport in aircrafts.


For those of you who plan to fly within the country when you are going to hunt, should know that there are new rules regarding transport of weapons. The weapons should be divided and no part will be carried into the cabin. Earlier one essential part of the weapon would be carried in the hand-luggage.


  Even if you travel light you must therefore check-in two different bags. Ammunition may also be checked in, in the usual luggage, if it is packed suitable. Max ammunition is five kilo. No ammunition may be left on the aircraft.

  Considering the new regulations we recommend you to be out in time for those of you who carries gun in aircraft.

  Another thing that is good to know; the airline company have the right to refuse transport of weapons. The best thing to do is to contact the actual airline company and check with them if they have any special regulation regarding weapons. But we have not heard of any company that refuse weapons on domestic airline at the time being.


             BERTIL LUNDVIK